Saturday, November 17, 2007

A trip down the baby aisle.

My friend's baby shower is tomorrow, so we went to Target to buy gifts. There was just no way I could stomach going to Babies R least at Target, we could hightail it to the electronics section or something if we needed to come up for air. Babies R Us is baby stuff at critical mass...something my psyche just can't handle right now.

It's kind of surreal wandering through those aisles, looking at all the things that I, a little over a year ago, had been adding to my growing mental "things we'll need in a few months" list. And of course, the calendar in my head makes sure to remind me whenever possible how old our baby would be now and how if things had worked out differently, we'd already be past the point of needing a lot of the stuff we were seeing. Hell, I'd have a clue what half the stuff was.

A year from now, who knows what life will be like? Maybe we'll have a baby of our own by then.

Sorry for the somewhat pointless ramble. I'll try to post more often now, just haven't really felt up to it. Thanks to everyone who has e-mailed and commented on my blog -- it really does help to know that people care. :)


Anonymous said...

I don't want you to think I'm stalking you now or that you have some lunatic infertile woman reading your every blog...but I can so completely relate to this post as well. I've gone through countless baby showers over the past five years and watched as all of my friends have had babies, literally -some even asked me to photograph the births of their children. Now they are all on to sibling groups and I'm still staring at my dogs, crying to my husband and into my wine. Starting to be that cynical, jaded scary person who won't even let herself into baby departments unless under extreme torturous conditions such as buying onesies for a new nephew.
Please hang on and keep that "a year from now, who knows what life will be like attitude" and it'll help me do the same.
Kind wishes, pugmama

Libbie said...

Aww. I love you guys. You will have a child of your own. I can feel it. In the meantime, you can have mental hugs from me.

When you have a kid, just don't name it anything crazy. I am in charge of games for my sister's baby shower. One of them is "match the celebrity baby name with the horrible parent who named them this."

Some of my favorites to make you laugh:

Patricius Guggi Q. (Bono)
Sage Moonblood (a boy, and Sylvester Stallone's doing. Who would name a BOY "Moonblood"?!)
Denim (Toni Braxton)
Spec Wildhorse (John "Cougar" Mellencamp)
Jermajesty (Jermaine Jackson)